Dining Room

The Breakfast Room has individual tables which can be put together for families.

The Sandrock Breakfast Menu:
Pot of Tea or Coffee.
Orange Juice / Cranberry Juices.
Grapefruit Segments.
Prunes in apple juice.
Or Choose from our selection of Branded Cereals,
Rice Krispies
Fruit and Fibre

After you have chosen one of the above you can select The Sandrock full English Breakfast with a few variations or Porridge

The Sandrock Breakfast consists of:
Egg (fried, scrambled or poached)-2 Rashers of Bacon-Sausage-Tomatoes-Beans-Mushrooms

To finish off you can have white or brown toasts with a selection of Preserve’s or Marmalade

All of the above is bought to your table by our staff.